part-way ADVERB part of the way.

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  • part way — Some way, not all the way, approaching but not reaching, as eg go part way towards an objective • • • Main Entry: ↑part …   Useful english dictionary

  • part|way — «PAHRT WAY», adverb. part of the way; partially; partly …   Useful english dictionary

  • part-way — partˈ way adverb Part of the way • • • Main Entry: ↑part …   Useful english dictionary

  • part way — also part way ADV: ADV after v, ADV prep/adv Part way means part of the way or partly. Local authorities will run out of money part way through the financial year... She was on the hillside, part way up... It might go part way to repaying the… …   English dictionary

  • part-way — see part way …   English dictionary

  • part-way — adverb part of the way …   English new terms dictionary

  • part·way — /ˈpɑɚtˈweı/ adv : at a distance or time that is between two points I was partway to school when I realized I had forgotten my book. Partway down the mountain, he sprained his ankle. The team got a new coach partway through the season. They met up …   Useful english dictionary

  • part-way through — half way/part way/through phrase in the middle of an activity, process, or period of time Work stopped half way through the project when the funding ran out. Thesaurus: general words referring to timesynonym Main entry …   Useful english dictionary

  • part — /pat / (say paht) noun 1. a portion or division of a whole, separate in reality, or in thought only; a piece, fragment, fraction, or section; a constituent. 2. an essential or integral attribute or quality. 3. a. a section or major division of a… …   Australian-English dictionary

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